Matchanna tea exclusive first tasting

The resilient, fresh, sweet “vegetal” matcha has is because of the amount of L theanine it has. Its naturally sweet taste is brought on by its powerful antioxidants.


The more matcha leaves spent their time growing in shade, the more antioxidants they have and thus a richer, fuller taste.

The youngest leaves have the most intense smell and aroma, and are of the best quality. They grow in the shade of taller trees, which reduces photosynthesis and induces stronger production of theanine, so it makes the taste more sweet and intense.

The quantity of aminoacids dictates the taste and arome of matcha tea. The younger the leaf is, the more antioxidants and amino acids it has, thus make the taste fuller and the aroma naturally sweeter and tastier.

img27By picking the finest of the finest leaves, then carefully processing them, makes the entire process incredibly expensive, and in turn makes the production and selection expensive as well. This pulls the difference in price points for the three tea blends.

Green teas are known for their nutritious and detoxifying characteristics and have been ranked amongst the healthiest beverages on the planet.

Usually consumed by brewing and extracting the nutrition from these tea leaves, Matcha green tea is an exception ! Consumed as powdered leaves, I like to call it the “Powerhouse of Antioxidants”. The brilliant light green color speaks itself about its promise of good health. Here is a fuss free and good old Latte using this magical ingredient called – Matcha! Content adapted from Foodista.

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